The Future of Technology for College Unions and Student Activities

Today began my role on the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Education Council and some very deep topics were thrown on the table. We were asked what areas of ACUI’s new strategic plan we each had an interest in. Of course I chimed in with my hopes of exploring how we can play a pivotal role in building community virtually.

ACUI Strategic Direction #4: ACUI will be the leader among student affairs associations in using online technology to advance community building and the college union and student activities profession.

Then in the Leadership Team meeting we did an exercise to identify what we as a council will have accomplished in 5 years from now. So I pose this question for you:

How will technology impact our profession of College Unions and Student Activities over the next 5 years?

I can easily see ACUI having it’s own app for it’s membership to further explore, learn and utilize our core competencies and skill sets (among hundreds of other possibilities for an app). I’d also like to see Twitter used more often to connect experts outside of our field with our membership. I also think we can further online learning programs to engage with members who are unable to attend conferences and workshops.

These were just some of the initial thoughts that came from this first conversation.

I know I am a relative newcomer in this social media world of student affairs and so I pose this to everyone. Please share your predictions.

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