Empowering Organizational Leaders to Think Strategically & Surpass their Perceived Potential


About Me

Photo of Justin Camputaro in a black polo shirt smiling with the beach in the background.
Principal and Executive Consultant

I guide my clients on how to lead with purpose, ALIGN efforts to maximize their team's talents, BALANCE culture & strategy, and EXCEL towards success.

Excelsicore Consulting supports higher education leaders craft high-impact strategies and cultivate thriving workplace cultures. 

Our vision is that every organization’s culture is healthy, inclusive, and cohesive,  and the people produce exceptional results.

We thoughtfully create customized solutions based on your unique organizational purpose, strengths, and opportunities to enhance your team’s operational health and enhance your overall impact.



Mapping out the strategic priorities that provide focus for your organization to function with efficiency and innovation.


Cultivating an environment that promotes trust, positivity, and focuses on collaboration towards mutual goals.

Team Dynamics

Building and strengthening healthy, cohesive, inclusive, and strategically smart teams who enjoy working together and producing results.


Balancing operational performance expectations with the humanity of your staff’s needs and capacity through empowerment.

Mission & Values

Clearly define your organization’s central purpose for existence and what your team most deeply believes in.


Imagine and describe what the future success of your organization looks like.

Change & Transition

Navigating organizational changes and the psychological transition staff must progress through.


Systematic review of your strategies, operational practices, and overall workplace environment.


Organizational development encompasses a variety of intentionally designed and expertly aligned topics. Depending on your team's particular needs, I can provide you a-la-carte or packaged services. In every instance, I am your co-collaborator in ensuring that you realize your intended objectives.

With 25 years experience in higher education leadership, I bring my passion for cultivating strong teams that strive for excellence. I now help other leaders work ON, instead of just WITHIN their organizations by providing strategic coaching and consulting services grounded in my motto of Align - Balance - Excel!



What People Are Saying

Each time I've worked with Justin on strategic planning, I feel like I walk away with a better sense of myself and my team, and have more confidence in the direction we're heading. Our work this summer helped highlight some of the hidden challenges of both organizational change and strategic planning.

From our initial work on strategic planning in summer of 2022, we've been able to build a firm set of goals and outcomes that are both achievable and aspirational.

Sarah Rush Comstock, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at University of Puget Sound

Justin's guidance has been invaluable in simplifying complex issues. He assisted me in breaking down intricate problems into manageable action items, enabling me to work towards real and valuable solutions effectively.

His support in guiding me through multiple strategic planning processes has resulted in successful restructures, implementation of the Food Pantry Program, launching our late night After Dark Program, and improvements to the Study Center Program.

Dwayne Isaacs, Senior Director, Reitz Union at University of Florida

Constant, non-stop source of positive affirmation and questions designed to help me be me. This isn’t someone telling you to do what they did. Justin listens, gets to know you and asks pointed questions to help you evaluate your actions. He listens to what you want, what your plans are, and works to help you bring them to life. This is bespoke advice, tailored to what you want, what you need and what will help you grow. We all want to continue to learn and grow through our work.

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to learn and grow through coaching with Justin. He is equal parts mentor, friend, cheerleader, challenger, 100% Justin.

Eric Margiotta, Director, Student Unions & Engagement at William & Mary