Making a little positive dent in the world by helping others surpass their perceived potential.

I specializing in guiding you to be an agile leader while building a thriving culture and implementing a core strategy for your team’s success. Depending on your team’s particular needs, I can provide you a-la-carte or packaged services. In every instance, I am your co-collaborator in ensuring that you realize your intended objectives.


My style is a blended approach of leadership coaching and consulting in which our sessions will guide you through personal growth towards your individual goals and co-create solutions to your organization’s problems and challenges.


Experiential presentations and discussion sessions providing foundations for your team to move forward independently. Go deeper with an extensive exploration and facilitated retreat that can include data collection and analysis, interactive on-site retreat, virtual follow-up meetings, and personalized outcomes.


An emergent strategic planning process specifically designed for your team using our CORE Strategy Method™

Individualized options to suit your needs:
  • Creation or updates of mission, values, and vision statements
  • Current state data collection & analysis
  • Full-team engagement
  • Discovery of strategic priorities, strategies, and objectives
  • Implementation action plans and resource mobilization
  • Tracking and evaluation tools

Seminar and Retreat Topics

Bringing Humanity to Organizational Management 

Leading from the middle can sometimes feel liking walking a tight rope in the circus.  The most successful organizations have staff who completely understand and align efforts with the bigger picture, help to develop and nurture smart and healthy teams, and effectively navigate changes and transitions.  This session will provide frameworks and tools for you to balance the human and structural aspects of any organization so that you and your colleagues will enjoy coming to work with purpose every day.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Examine how smart and healthy organizations function
    • Understand how to strategically align operational functions
    • Learn the 5 essential steps to building a cohesive team
  • Length: 2 hours
Strengthening a Healthy, Cohesive, and Engaged Team Culture 

This interactive workshop introduces your team to three critical elements of sustaining healthy and cohesive teams: Positivity, Trust, and Communication. Activities throughout the program are designed based on the current state of your team in each of these areas with the purpose to enhance their skills and deepen their trust together. The program includes CliftonStrengths assessment and strengths-based team coaching activities. 

  • Length: 1/2 day and full day options
Thriving During Change & Transition

The only constant is change – it is inevitable.  We have all faced it.  The ease of the transition rests on the skills of staff both leading and experiencing the change.  Was the process intentional?  Was it inclusive?  Was it transparent?  Did it consider both the structural aspects of change and the human aspects of transitions?  If not, the change process was likely painful.  Avoid the pain in your next organization change!  This presentation will provide an overview of best practices leading change and transition management.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Examine the nature of change in organizations
    • Become knowledgeable about effective frameworks and strategies for managing change
    • Understand theories of transition management and how both change and transition can work together to inform practice to optimize the change process
    • Learn techniques to help staff cope with the effects of change
  • Length: 2-hours
Team Dynamics in Times of Change and Transition 

This interactive deep dive workshop is designed to bring your team together in managing change and transition strategies by capitalizing on your individual and group strengths. The program includes individual and team change-readiness assessments. Once you have completed this training, you will understand where you and your team are in the change and transition process, be able to interpret how well you may respond to change processes, and have the tools to support your team and colleagues through their own transition phases. 

If your team is about to or currently experiencing a specific change, we can customize the retreat to focus on identifying tangible progress points uniquely positioned to support your situation.  

  • Includes Thriving During Change & Transition seminar
  • Length: 1/2 day and full day options