Cobwebs in the Attic 1: Hands of Time

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Does intentionally setting your clock 10-15 minutes fast really help you to not be late?  I used to do this and over time I simply knew my clock was fast and adjusted for it.  About the only thing I really got out of it was to get my brain to start thinking first thing in the morning to do the math before I hit the snooze.  The clock in my car is 5 minutes fast and all it does is make me have to explain to my passengers “don’t worry, that’s fast, we’ve got time.”

My boss has his clock (a really nice grandfather clock) in his office set 10 minutes fast.  For him it works because he knows it takes no more than 10 minutes to walk anywhere on campus so he leaves when the clock shows the time of the meeting.  My wife, she sets the clock to the correct time, then closes her eyes and randomly moves the time forward a few more minutes.  This way she really does not know how fast the clock is, forcing her to assume it’s correct.

For me, I’m moving on from this and just setting my clocks to the actual time it is (or maybe I should go to the other extreme and select a different time zone…would that work?).  Do you set your clocks ahead?  How does that work out?

Thanks for listening to the first of a series of random thoughts from Up In the Attic…until the next Cobweb cleaning.

7 thoughts on “Cobwebs in the Attic 1: Hands of Time”

  1. I always set my clock on the actual time. Because I start and end things exactly when I need them to. Time is scarcest resource we have on this planet.

    However, if I’m feeling extra wild, I’ll turn my cell phone on 24 hour (a.k.a Military) time, and really throw people off.

  2. Marlena Hensarling

    I recently did the same thing! Now my clocks are set to the correct time (with the exception of my watch – 2 minutes fast). I think it is easier to be on-time when my clocks (phone, kitchen, car) are set to real time. Since I use my phone as my alarm clock, it sets standard time. I’ve also learned the key to being on-time is to be a few minutes early.

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