What Treasures Are ‘Up In The Attic’?

Since getting the itch to create a blog I knew it would be vital to find just the right title.  I thought about the title of this weblog for a long time (ok, probably a little too long, it held me up from actually writing).  As you can see, I finally decided on ‘Up In The Attic’.  Depending on where you look, the term attic (or also Attic) has a number of definitions.  The most obvious is the storage space above a house, and in the same sense references one’s own mind.  Like everyone else, I have random thoughts floating around based on my experiences, observations and simple philosophies.  Some of these thoughts have been with me for years while others have been fleeting moments of curiosity, excitement (maybe even brilliant…ok, we won’t go that far).  My hope is to 1) refine and focus these thoughts through these writings and 2) share them with anyone who wants to listen. 

Additionally, an attic (in making a reference to the ancient Greek language) means: displaying simple elegance, incisive intelligence, and delicate wit.”  Another form says ‘”classically elegant, simple, or pure.”  Now I am not claiming to be any of these, but it will sure be fun trying to add some of these characteristics into my blog. 

Through the majority of this weblog I will share my various ideas on LEADERSHIP and POTENTIAL.  I have always felt that we cannot motivate others (that comes from within themselves), we can however, inspire them.  If we spend some time learning about the people we interact with…if we get a glimpse of what’s Up In Their Attic…we can offer them inspiration to achieve things they never dreamed of. 

So I may have thought a little too long on the title, but in the end, I think it will accurately portray the posts I share with you (and if not, I guess I can always just change the title…I am an Orange according to True Colors, but that is for another discussion). 

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